Federal Judge Criticizes St. Johns County School Officials for Teaching Religious Song in Public School


Judge Harvey Schlesinger criticized school officials for teaching third grade students a religious song. Of course, there is a debate whether the son “Chatter with the Angels” is a religious song in violation of the U.S. Constitution. The song was previously approved by the Florida Department of Education; however, approval by one government entity does not mean that the teaching the song is constitutional. Judge Schlesinger stated that he is relying on the promise made by the school board that the song would not be taught for the rest of the year. Judge Schlesinger ordered that the school board post his rulings on the district website and / or make the orders available to staff members / employees.

On this and other issues, I would encourage school officials, parents, and teachers to review the policies and procedures for their respective school boards. There is wealth of information online for most every school district in the State of Florida.

You can read more about this story at Judge Raps St. Johns County Officials Over Angel Song.