Fatal Truck Accident on I-95 (Jacksonville Florida) Kills Truck Driver

A trucking accident on I-95 (Interstate 95) in Jacksonville Florida caused the death of a truck driver, Jeremy Garvin, of Gainesville. Apparently, the driver of another semi truck pulled into the emergency lane to allow for a driver switch. Fatal Fiery Crash Closes Interstate 95 Traffic for Several Hours. When the other driver was in the process of merging onto the highway, Jeremy Garvin hit the rear end of the other truck. A fiery crash resulted from the collision which in turn caused the death of Jeremy Garvin. Florida Highway Patrol will conduct a traffic homicide investigation to determine the cause of the crash. An autopsy will be performed to determine cause of death and if there was any drugs or alcohol involved in the crash.

I researched the issue of emergency lane usage in Florida and on the National Highway and Safety Transportation web site. I could not find direct authority on the use of emergency lanes. It does not appear the truck drivers or other drivers should randomly use emergency lanes to switch out drivers, take a bathroom break, or other activities which can be done at a rest stop or a nearby exit.

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