Fatal Pedestrian Accident: Child Killed at Jacksonville, Florida Intersection (St. Augustine Road)

Busy Florida intersections can be dangerous to children crossing the road. In far too many accidents,injury and death to children could have been avoided with safer driving and precautions. There are several major roadways in Jacksonville which 4 or more lanes. One such roadway – St. Augustine Road – has 5 lanes in some areas. Unfortunately, St. Augustine Road was the site of a death recently here in Jacksonville. A group of children crossed the road with one child out in front. All the children but one made it safely across the road. Drivers should yield to children pedestrians and children should have adult supervision when crossing busy roadways. With all deaths on roadways, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and / or Florida Highway Patrol will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. There are also accident reconstruction experts who can be private retained by the family and / or attorney to conduct an independent investigation of the incident as well. I have worked with many accident reconstruction experts over the years on cases like these. If you have any questions regarding an automobile accident including those involving pedestrians, call David Wolf – Attorney – Wood, Atter & Associates – (904) 355-8888.

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