Fatal Boat Crash – Intercoastal Waterway – Delray Beach, Florida


In Florida and other states with waterways and boaters, safety should be a primary focus for those operating boats, jet skis, and other watercraft. In addition, passengers should also be aware of safety measures that can be taken to help prevent boating accidents and related personal injuries. In Delray Beach, Florida, the Associated Press reported that a Florida boating accident resulted in the death of Christopher Smith (age 31) when he was thrown from a boat that struck a navigational marker in the Intercoastal Waterway. See Bond Set for Boat Operator in Delray Beach, Florida Fatal Boating Accident.

Since there was a crash with resulting death, a full investigation will be conducted. It was reported that none of the passengers on board the vessel were wearing a life jacket. It is uncertain if the wearing of a life jacket would have made a difference as to the injuries and resulting death of the boat passenger.

As Floridians go through Spring and Summer, there will be other boating accidents. Because of the dangers of being in a boat accident or the dangers of a drowning in any of Florida’s multitude of waterways, people should take precautions by wearing life jackets, checking and re-checking weather conditions, operating a boat at a safe speed, checking and re-checking engines and mechanical equipment, having other life saving devices onboard, and making sure that there is proper supervision especially for children when boating.