Family of Rametria Evelena Gilbert (Middle School Student) Sues Orange County School District


Family of girl who died on field trip sued Orange County, School Board. Rametria Evelena Gilbert, age 13, was on a walking field trip to go to a local park. During the walk, she got tired and sat down to rest. The field trip involved kite flying at the local park.

The girl /student was left on a curb on the walk back to the school when she got tired and short of breath. The case will undoubtedly involve various medical and legal issues including the following:

What was the girl’s prior medical history?

Did the parents approve the field trip?

Did the girl have any problems walking?

Did the girl have any physical restrictions while at school? Physical education?

What was the medical cause of death?

What amount of time elapsed between the girl sitting down and the call to 911?

What medical care could have or should have been provided to the girl in a more timely manner?

Even if the family proves that there was negligence, the family must also prove that the delay did indeed make a difference. In other words, the family must prove that more timely medical care would have within a reasonable degree of medical probability saved the girl’s life.

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