Family of Florida Children Killed in Drunk Driving Accident Allegedly Make Indecent Proposal


Gabriel Delrisco has been accused of killing three children from Homestead, Florida in a drunk driving incident that took place last year. The children, Hector, Esmeralda and Amber Serrano were killed when Delrisco allegedly ran into the back of their minivan with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit.

The Serrano family’s attorney has filed a civil lawsuit against the El Paso bar for damages and compensation, charging that employees of the bar should have known that Delrisco was a habitual drinker and refused to serve him. Details of this case and disputes regarding some of the facts were reported in the Sun Sentinel newspaper.

There are factual disputes that may be litigated in the civil case including the following:

How much alcohol did Gabriel Delrisco consume prior to the automobile accident?

Where did Delrisco consume the alcohol?

What individuals / businesses sold or provided alcohol to Delrisco?

Did the individuals / businesses who sold or provided alcohol to Delrisco know that he was a habitual drunk or intoxicated at the time that the alcohol was sold or provided?

Whatever results from the civil suit, the case is tragic in that children died as a result of a drunk driving crash.