Family Dog Acts as Fire Alarm – Alerts Family as to Fire in Clearwater Florida Home


In Clearwater, Florida, a family is thankful for the incessant barking of the family dog – Scooter – a 1 year of Shih Tzu. While the family was sleeping, a car caught on fire. The fire later spread to the attic. Scooter began barking and did not stop. He successfully alerted the family who escaped from the burning house. Fortunately, no one suffered personal injuries in this fire. A family dog can be a great benefit to the family. In this case, Scooter acted as a fire alarm. The story posted by the Associated Press did not report whether the house had a smoke detectors / fire alarm system in place. While dogs are great, a smoker detector / fire alarm system would be a bit more reliable in alerting a family as to a fire. If you do not have smoke detectors in your home, have them installed. If you have smoke detectors in the home, check and replace the batteries frequently. Congratulations Scooter on a job well done! You can read more about this story at Florida Family Escapes Burning Home Thanks to Family Dog – Scooter.

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