Family Accuses Jacksonville Florida Pastor of Sending Lewd Text Messages

Darrell Gilyard, 45, head of the Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church, is out on a voluntary paid leave of absence from Shiloh. A family is accusing him of sending lewd text messages to a young girl. Reports from the Florida Times Union newspaper did not name the child or her age but she appears to be a minor. This is not the first time that Darrell Giyard’s leadership has been questioned He had problems with a Texas church in 1991 when the congregation learned that he was having sex with one of the congregants. Pastor Gilyard is a charismatic person who has bad luck, a bad habit, or a little bit of both. Shiloh is a growing church and this kind of news cannot be good for the church or the congregants. There may be some liability for the acts of the Pastor but more facts would have to be known to make this determination. More details of this matter can be read at the Florida Times Union Web site – Mom Accuses Jacksonville Pastor of Sending Lewd Text to Daughter.

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