Facebook’s Farmville Play Leads to Tragic Death of 3 Month Old Child


Jacksonville, Florida got some headlines recently for being the location of a bizarre and tragic death of a 3 month old toddler. The Florida Times Union newspaper reported that Alexandra Tobias (age 22) was playing Farmville when her 3 month old toddler (Dylan Lee) interrupted her play. For those unfamiliar with Farmville, it is a game played through Facebook. Farmville allows a person to build a farm and ask others in the Facebook community to help out by contributing animals, tools, and work towards tending to crops. It is a “make believe” game that people enjoy to play. Unfortunately, too much of anything can turn bad. A real life child should always take precedence to a “make believe” game and just about anything else out there. People playing online games or anything else need to keep things in perspective. Even if something bad happened with the Farmville farm, it just does not matter especially when considering the health, safety, welfare of a child or an other person for that matter.

It was reported that Alexandra Tobias pled guilty to the charges. She will be entitled to representation by a Florida criminal defense attorney or public defender as to the sentencing phase of the case. You can read more about this story at Jacksonville Florida Woman Kills Child for Interrupting Farmville Game.

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