Three Vehicle Accident Ends Life of 3 Year Old Girl Lake County, Florida


A tragic and fatal automobile accident was reported on County Road 437 and State 44 in Lake County (Eustis), Florida. There were three vehicles involved in this Florida automobile accident. Gabriel Jones, age 3, was a passenger in PT Cruiser that was driven by her mother – Taira Jones. The other automobiles in the accident were a 199 Jeep and a 2006 Audi. The Florida Highway Patrol and emergency personnel later responded to the scene. See Death of 3 Year Old Girl – Gabriel Jones – Reported in Lake County, Florida.

An ordinary March day turned into one that will not be soon forgotten by the Jones family, their church, and the community. The death of a child from a Florida automobil accident is a tragedy that is hard to comprehend and one that will affect a parent for a lifetime.

When a child dies a result of an accident, there is no term to describe such an event. For instance, when a wife loses her husband – the wife then becomes a widow. When a child loses a parent, the child may then become an orphan. However, there is no such like term when a parent loses a child. One could say it is because the pain and grief from such an event does not equate or equal any term in the English language.

A parent who loses a child to a wrongful death incident and accident will and should seek comfort and support from the family, neighborhood, friends, church, and community. Oftent times, a parent will need and seek legal representation from a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer to get advice as to the rights to compensation and damages for the wrongful death of the child.

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