Escaped Pet Python Snake Strangled 2 Year Old Girl (Shaunia Hare)


In Oxford, Florida (Sumter County), a 12 foot long Burmese python snake broke out of its aquarium and strangled Shuannia Hare, a 2 year old girl. The snake’s owner, Charles Jason Darnell, discovered that the snake was out of the aquarium and found the snake on the 2 year old girl. The girl had bite marks on her head. It was reported that Mr. Darnell did not have a permit for the snake. It is uncertain from reports how Mr. Darnell obtained possession of the snake. It is certainly tragic that a 2 year old girl died from a snake strangulation while in her own home. You can read more about this story at Escaped Pet Python Strangled Two Year Old Girl.

Any business or homeowner in possession of a snake should make sure that the snake is contained in a safe, secure aquarium, cage, or container. Snakes should be safeguarded away from children and in a place that cannot be accessed by children or pets.