Electricity – Safety for Children – Power Lines – Dangers of Electrocution


In Spring and Summer months, children enjoy sports and just playing outside. Typically, a child has fun and returns home tired, happy, and safe. At times, a child can suffer serious personal injuries and even death when they come into contact with power lines, generators, and other electrical equipment. Because of the true dangers of power lines, generators and other electrical equipment, it is important for power companies, landowners, schools, and government entities to make sure that safety measures are put in place especially for children. Fences, locks, and signage are basic measures that should be taken to properly secure the equipment. Children often times lack good safety awareness and judgment. Dangerous electrical equipment may appear more as a piece of playground equipment to a child. Because of this, it foreseeable that a child would touch or play with equipment and power lines that could cause serious personal injury and wrongful death. As such, safety measures should be put in place. The price of safety equipment is minimal as compared with the physical, emotional, and financial expense of dealing with a serious child personal injury resulting from electrocution. You can read more about the dangers of electrical equipment, electrocution, and safety measures regarding the same at Springtime Power Line Safety. and at Rocky Mountain Power Safety Tips.