Duval, Nassau, and St. Johns County Are Updating Policies on Bullying and Anti-Bullying Incidents


Duval, Nassau, and St. Johns County School Districts are updating anti-bullying and anti-cyber bullying rules and procedures. Bullying, both in the physical and psychological form, is a big problem in the Florida school system. With thousands of children with mobile phones, computers, and lap tops and the growing use of text messaging, e mails, My Space, Face Book, and other Social Networking web sites, cyber bullying is an increasing and serious problem to our children in our Florida school system. School administrators can enforce school board rules and policies for acts that take place on school grounds and / or with school equipment. This can be tricky when dealing with cyber bullying. Where was the message sent from? What equipment was used? What time did the cyber bullying take place? Regardless of the time, place or manner of bullying or cyber bullying, school administrators, parents, and, yes, other students, should take all reasonable efforts to report and address bullying. Instead of supporting the bully, other students should do what they can to discourage peers and other students from bullying other children. You can read more about the developments in Duval, Nassau, and St. Johns County School Districts at New Florida Laws Help Bolster Anti Bullying Rules and Procedures.