Duval Count – Jacksonville – Schools Set to Track Bullying Complaints and Incidents


In Duval County (Jacksonville) and other Florida school districts, there is a problem with bullying. Sometimes, the bullying is subtle and at other times the bullying takes the form of life threatening violence. Either way, the bullying can have a profound effect on the child victim who can suffer from physical and / or psychological persona injuries. It was reported in the Jacksonville Florida Times Union that the Duval County – Jacksonville – School District will being tracking incidents and reports of bullying for the 2010 – 2011 school year. The tracking of this information and data can lead to a better understanding of bullying acts. I suspect that a great deal of bullying goes undetected or unnoticed by the school system because it is not reported. Some parents and children believe that reporting a bullying incident can actually lead to more problems or an aggravation of an already bad situation.

All parents should take action to address bullying acts or situations. Unfortunately, some parents turn a blind eye to bullying situations or deny the fact that it exist at all. No parent wants to think that his or her child is being a victim of bullying or that his or her child is actually committing bad acts as a bully.

See Duval Schools Will Start to Track Bullying Complaints.