Drowning Reported at Florida Gulf Coast University Campus Lake


Recently, officials confirmed the death of one person after a group of young adults took a late night swim in a lake on a the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University. Officials at the Lee County’s Sheriff’s office received a telephone call a little after 1:00 a.m. Investigators discovered that the group had gathered around the lake and some of the young adults decided to go for a late night swim. According to reports, one swimmer became distressed as the swimmers attempted to approach a “swim trampoline” located near the shore. While the group was swimming towards the apparatus, the drowning victim went under water and thereafter could not be located. The victim’s body was not found until after 3:00 a.m. by the San Carlos Fire Department. Currently, the victim’s identity or other details concerning the incident have not been released. For more on this incident please read Drowning occur’s in lake on Florida’s Gulf Coast University campus.

The death of this victim is a tragedy for the victim’s family and community. During the summer months drownings or other water-related personal injuries increase. People should not swim when intoxicated because the alcohol slows an individual’s reaction time and reduces judgment. People should also not swim if fatigued in any way what so ever. Regardless of a person’s age or experience in swimming precautions should always be taken – water is extremely power and sometimes deadly.

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