Drowning in Orlando Florida – Toddler (18 Month Old Girl) Falls in Family Pool and Drowns


An 18-month-old girl of Orlando, Florida, tragically drowned in the backyard pool of her family’s pool. Arelis Velarde was found by her father floating face down in the family’s pool. The father was tending to a newborn and was under the impression that the toddler was watching cartoons when the accident occurred. The toddler’s mother and grandmother were at a local store during accident. Police believe that the toddler wandered outside, opened a screen door to the backyard and fell into the pool. The father was alerted as to the girl’s whereabouts after the family dogs began barking. Neighbors tried to resuscitate the child. The toddler was taken to Florida Hospital East Orlando where she subsequently died. Police believe the drowning was an accident and that no foul play was involved. For more please read Orlando toddler drowns in backyard pool.

It is becoming that time of year, especially in Florida, where the temperatures are beginning to rise and more people are getting outside and engaging in water-related activities. Make sure all doors leading to a pool, pond, lake or other body of water are locked, install safety gates around pools, and always watch your children while they are in the water.

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