Drowning Death of Toddler Reported in Satsuma (Putnam County) Florida


In Florida, swimming pools are in practically every community. In most instances, swimming pools provide fun and enjoyment for children as well as great scenery for a home. Unfortunately, at times, swimming pools can also be traps or areas of dangers for young children. It is well known that children are curious and do not always appreciate the dangers of swimming pools or other areas that seem interesting and fun to children. It was reported by the Jacksonville Times Union newspaper / website that an 18 month old girl drowned in a swimming pool in Satsuma (Putnam County), Florida. It was reported that family members and Putnam County Fire Rescue paramedics were unable to revive the child. See Toddler Drowns in Putnam County Swimming Pool.

It was a sad day and a great loss for the family, neighborhood, and community. As you can see, swimming pools are dangerous especially for children. All pool owners should take precautions to safeguard the pool area for children residing in the home as well as any children who may visit the home.

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