Driving Under the Influence – Florida Statute


Florida Statute Section 316.193 Driving Under the Influence provides criminal penalties in the form of fines, license suspension and imprisonment for persons found guilty of driving under the influence. These criminal penalties for Driving Under the Influence apply to a person who is driving or who is in actual physical control of a vehicle. As such, if you are intoxicated and just sitting in the car with the keys in your hand, you could be arrested for the crime of Driving Under the Influence. As a Florida Child Injury Lawyer / Attorney, I have handled many cases involving drunk drivers who have injured children as well as adults. Drunk driving incidents cause personal injuries, fractures, head injuries, neck and back injuries, and yes deaths in the State of Florida. You can read the entire criminal statute at Section 316.193, Florida Statutes, Driving Under the Influence – Penalties. If you, a family member or friend has been the victim of a drunk driver, contact a Florida injury attorney / lawyer for advice and representation as to rights to compensation.

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