Drive by South Carolina Family After Disney World Trip Turns to Tragedy


I-95 (Interstate 95) is a major highway throughout Florida and the Eastern United States. I-95 runs North and South. Unfortunately, a St. Augustine woman, Rachel Higgins, failed to obey the basic directions on I 95. She drove the wrong way on I-95 and caused the fatal accident with a South Carolina Family (Debra Baughman, Scott Baughman, Lindsey Baugman, and Aaron Baughman) who were heading to Orange Park, Florida after a trip to Disney World in Orlando Florida. Debra Baughman died and her family members suffered personal injuries as a result of this deadly automobile accident. Who would expect to be hit head on while traveling on I-95? What prompted Rachel Higgns to head the wrong direction on I-95? A complete homicide investigation should be completed by Florida Highway Patrol and / or the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office. An autopsy of Rachel Higgins may also be helpful to determine if drugs / alcohol played any part in this crash. Hopefully, the homicide investigation will provide the Baughman family with answers to this tragedy. You can read more about this incident at Family Speaks Out About Loved Ones Hurt in One Way Crash.

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