Don’t Leave Your Children in a Hot Florida Car – Heat Death in Florida


A 4 year old Florida child died recently when his mother left him in the car while she had her nails done for her wedding later that day. The wrongful death of this Florida child could have been avoided with better attention to the whereabouts, safety and well being of the child.

Hyperthermia is an acute process when the body produces more heat than it can dissipate. Hyperthermia is serious problem for children and the elderly. In 2008 to date, there have been 18 hyperthermia deaths in the United States with 2 of the deaths reported in the State of Florida.

Parents and caregivers often times forget that the child is in the car. This happens in about half of the cases. About 30 percent of the reported incidents take place when a child sneaks into a car. About 18 percent take place when a child is intentionally left in a car.

All parents and caregivers should keep our children safe and promptly remove the children out of hot cars. Obviously, the simple act of leaving a child in a hot car can end an innocent life.

Day care centers, summer camps, schools, caregivers, friends, and yes parents should be diligent in getting children out of hot cars. Hyperthermia is a real danger and presents itself every day of Florida’s hot summer and even at other times of year as well.

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