Don’t Leave Your Child Unattended in a Vehicle (Even if you are a doctor) Miami Cardiologist Arrested for Leaving 8 Month Old in a Car


Even busy doctors can be arrested for child abuse and neglect. A South Florida (Miami) cardiologist – Pablo Guala, M.D. – was arrested for leaving his 8 month old boy in a locked BMW outside of Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach while Dr. Guala went in to see a patient. A security guard noticed the car and looked inside. The car was locked with the windows rolled up. 911 was called to the scene. Dr. Guala returned to his car as paramedics were attempting to force their way into the vehicle.

Dr. Guala informed police that the hospital visit look longer that it should have taken. It is quite amazing how a doctor can have such poor judgment to leave his child in a locked car with the windows up. South Florida is hot year round. On any given day, there is a risk of heat over exposure. While money is not excuse for abuse for the rich or the poor, one would think that Dr. Guala had the financial resources to hire a baby sit or take the child to a family member or friend before going to the hospital. If he was tending to a true emergency, he should have taken the child into the hospital with him.

This story illustrates the point that a graduate degree or even a medical degree does not make you the best parent in the world. Common sense and due diligence to your child’s needs are paramount to being a good parent. For a multitude of reasons including health and safety, an 8 month old child should not be locked in a car without supervision.

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