Domestic Violence and Dating Violence – Topics to Be Taught in Public Schools in Rhode Island


The State of Rhode Island is taking the lead in educating public school students (middle and high school) about the dangers of domestic violence and dating violence. A new law called the Lindsay Ann Burke Act requires that all public middle and high schools teach the students about dating violence in health related classes. Lindsay Ann Burke was the most unfortunate and tragic victim of an ex boyfriend who decided to slash Lindsay’s throat and kill her rather than face a life without Lindsay as his girlfriend. The ex boyfriend will have a lifetime to think about his actions as he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

I believe that other States including Florida should follow the lead of Rhode Island in educating students about the dangerous and real life problems of dating violence and domestic violence. You can read more about the program being instituted in Rhode Island as well as the Lindsay Burke story at Rhode Island Schools Required to Teach about Dating Violence.