Dog Bites: Small, Medium, or Large Dogs – Liability in Florida


Florida has specific laws in place as to dog bites. Whether a dog is small, medium, or large, the dog owner is liable for dog bite and related injuries. It does not matter if the dog had been the most gentle dog in the world prior to the bite or attack. The dog owner is generally liable. In most instances, the Florida dog bite injuries are insured under homeowner’s insurance. Some companies have a dog bite exclusion in the policy. As such, all dog owners should review their homeowner’s insurance policy with their insurance agent to make sure that there is coverage. If your homeowner’s insurance company does not want to provide dog bite coverage, you may want to consider going with another insurance company. Children should be taught to ask an adult before approaching or petting any dog.

An experienced Florida Child Injury Lawyer / Attorney can guide you through insurance policies, medical bills, medical treatment, and other legal matters involving a dog bite injury.

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