Dog Bite: There is no “one free bite” law in Florida

Florida law is quite clear on dog bite matters. Many people believe that there needs to be a prior history of aggressiveness or prior dog bites in order to file a claim / case in Florida. Whether the dog is a Pit Bull figher of a show dog Poodle, the law is the same. A dog owner is liable for the injuries caused by a dog bite regardless of the prior history of the dog. As a dog owner, I understand both the benefits and the responsibilities of owning a dog. I have the most gentle dog in the world. She gets along with children, adults, and other pets. However, she is still an animal and could bite an unsuspecting adult or child. It is best to keep in mind that a dog is an animal. Take safeguards when children are visiting. Watch out for the dangerous combination of food, children and dogs. If you have any further questions about dog bites and Florida law, Contact a Florida dog bite attorney to discuss your respective rights.