Dog Bite Attack – Madeira Beach, Florida – 5 Year Old (Shayna Lydick) Suffers Serious Facial Personal Injuries


In Madeira Beach, Florida, a 5 year old girl (Shayna Lydick) suffered serious facial personal injuries as a result of a dog attack. The attack was reported by Bay News 9 (Pinellas County). The family of Shayna Lydick are very upset over the situation and the injuries to this Pinellas county girl. The family is also concerned about the safety of others in light of the dog attack by “Sampson”. Shayna has been seen and treated by a plastic surgeon who informed the family that the injuries will be permanent in nature. See Dog Bite Attack – Madeira Beach, Florida.

In Florida, the owner of a dog is liable for injuries caused by a dog bite. Unlike some other States, there is no “one free bite” rule in Florida. In addition, a dog bite victim does not have to prove that the dog was previously known as a vicious or dangerous dog. If a dog bites a person, there is typically liability for the resulting injuries unless the dog bite victim was a trespasser or was hostile to the dog. In Florida, dog owners should maintain control of their dogs. Many dog bite incidents can be avoided with a proper collar, leash, and, yes, control by the dog owner. When a dog owner takes his or her dog out in public, there is always a risk that the dog may react to something or somebody and then bite a person. It does not necessarily mean that the dog is a “bad dog”. It just means that the dog bit a person, caused injuries, and, yes, has caused a liability problem for the dog owner. See Florida Dog Leash Laws – County by County. See Florida Dangerous Dog Laws – County by County.