Does the Automobile Insurance Company Get to Tell a Parent Where a Child Receives Medical Treatment After a Florida Automobile Accident?


Does the automobile insurance company get to tell a parent which doctors for a child to get treatment following a Florida Automobile Accident? The simple answer this question is “No”. It should be noted that automobile insurance companies operate much differently than health insurance companies. However, following a Florida Automobile Accident, a parent should be selective and careful about which doctors provide treatment for the child. Many medical doctors in the community do not treat automobile accident patients at all. Fewer treat children injured as a result of a car accident. Furthermore, there is only a limited number of doctors who will provide treatment for an injured child and are willing to file a claim or request for reimbursement from the automobile insurance company. Unlike health insurance companies, automobile insurance companies in Florida do not maintain a list of approved medical doctors or in network medical providers for personal injuries related to an automobile accident.

Because of the challenges in finding a qualified doctor who accepts automobile accident insurance payment and as well as the challenges of other issues, it is often helpful for a parent to obtain the services of a Florida Child Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, in legal representation.

Here is a list of possible specialities that may provide medical treatment for the injured child. The selection of a speciality will depend on the age of the child and the type and severity of the personal injuries of the child.

Emergency Room Physician;
Urgent Care Physician;
Physical Therapist;
Occupational Therapist;
Physical and Sports Medicine (Physiatrist);
Pediatric or Adult Neurologist;
Pediatric or Adult Orthopedic Surgeon;
Pediatric or Adult Neurosurgeon;
Pediatrician; and
General Practice Physician.

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