Do I Automatically Win a Case or Claim When My Child Is Injured at a Florida Day Care Center?


In Florida, day care centers and child care centers have a duty to provide consistent supervision and otherwise provide a safe, educational environment for the children. When a child is injured while under the care of the facility, a parent often times has concerns and questions about the responsibility or liability of the day care center. In Florida, a day care center care center is not an insurer or guarantor of a child’s health, safety, and welfare.. In other words, a Florida day care center is not responsible or liable for every single injury that takes place in the day care center. In order to pursue a case or claim against the day care center for injuries suffered at the facility, the parent or guardian must be able to show or prove that the day care center was negligent with respect to the supervision of the children or maintenance of the facility. To be able to pursue a claim ro case, there must be some fault shown on behalf of the day care center. Often times, a parent is lacks the knowledge of the specific laws, regulations, policies, and procedures of a Florida day care center. Because of this, it is often helpful to contact a Florida Day Care Center Injury Lawyer to discuss an injury that took place while under the care of the day care center. A Florida Cay Care Center Injury Lawyer can review the facts, circumstances, and applicable laws to determine if there is a viable case or claim to pursue on behalf of the insured child.

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