Disney World Installs Defibrillators at Resort Thrill Rides


Disney World has been the site of some heart attacks and other medical conditions during thrill rides. As far as I can remember, there are warning signs on many of the high action thrill rides advising of the risks of the rides to guests with heart conditions, guests with pace makers, guests who are pregnant, and other guests. Some take the risks of the ride even though they are aware of the risks. Others do not know that they are at risks and then suffer a medical condition or event during the ride. Whatever the situation, it is important for Disney World located in Orlando, Florida and other theme parks throughout Florida and the rest of the nation to be prepared for a medical emergency that takes place during a ride at a theme park. Disney World sets up its theme parks in a way that encourages people to remain at the park rather than leave and come back. It is quite a chore, walk, and ride to get back to your vehicle at Disney World. Due to this, it makes it even more important for Disney World to be prepared for a medical emergency. Hopefully, the number of medical emergencies in the future at Disney World are limited in number. When there is a medical emergency and a defibrillator is available, then the staff should be trained in its use, the defibrillator should be in good working order, and the defibrillator should be properly used. The timely and proper use of a defibrillator can save a life. You can read more about this story at Disney World To Install Defibrillators at Its Thrill Rides.