Disney World and Swine Flu Precautions


Millions of people visit Disney World every day. With such a large congregation of people including children, there is a concern by many that such a location would be a prime breeding and distribution site for the Swine Flu otherwise known as the H1N1 flu. It is a concern not only for adults, parents, and children visiting the Magic Kingdom but also employees who work there. Disney is taking some steps to try to make Disney World a safer and cleaner place for visitors and workers. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at high traffic locations including the park entrances, hotel lobbies and other locations. The problem is that it is impossible to maintain any theme park in a perfectly clean or sanitary condition. Rides are not wiped down after every passenger and counters are not wiped down every moment. It is good that some steps are taken but visitors can take their own precautions as well by washing their hands throughout the day and carrying their own sanitizers. You can read more about this topic at Disney World and Swine Flu Precautions.