Disabled Florida Girl Gets Less from State Than Jury Award

A girl left permanently disabled because of a negligent child abuse investigation by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families will get less than the jury verdict that awarded her $26 million.


In Florida, there is a statute that limits a recovery against the State of Florida to $100,000 unless there is a claims bill that approves a higher award. Marissa Amora, now 9, would get only $1.2 million this year under a bill that was approved by a House panel Monday. Marissa’s compensation will be evaluated annually by the legislature to determine future installments. You can read more about this story atDisabled Girl Would Get $1.2 Million from the State of Florida.

There are special laws and rules for filing claims and lawsuits against the State of Florida and other governmental entities. For cases of this nature, it is helpful to have a trained and experienced Jacksonville Florida Personal Injury Attorney to help the family through the legal obstacles and challenges along the way.

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