Deltona Florida – Man (Jorge Garcia) Uses Baby as Human Shield against Police Taser Gun


Deputies from the Volusia County, Florida Sheriff’s Office were conducting a felony traffic stop when the possibly armed suspect began behaving irrationally. Jorge Garcia allegedly began yelling profanities at the deputies and then got in the back seat of his car and refused to get out. When deputies threatened to use a taser gun on him, the man allegedly got out of the car, grabbed a one year old baby from the backseat and held it in front of him, shouting “tase the baby” at the officers.

The deputies were able to remove the baby from Garcia’s arms without any harm to the child. A woman, Tangeca Garcia, who was a passenger in the car reportedly then got out and attempted to block officers from using their taser guns on Garcia. The deputies were eventually able to tase Garcia so that they could place him under arrest.

Garcia has been charged with child abuse and resisting arrest. Ms. Garcia has also been arrested and charged with resisting arrest. Of course, Mr. Garcia and Ms. Garcia will be entitled to defend themselves through representation from a Florida criminal defense attorney or a public defender. There may be legal defenses to the situation that should be explored by the defense attorney.

Unfortunately, children are put in danger every day by parents and caregivers who engage in reckless and careless activities. Parents and caregivers should to their best to think through the consequences of their actions. Of course, many parents and caregivers have mental health issues that complicate the situation. In these instances, family members, extended family members and when necessary the Court and Florida Department of Children and Families should step in when necessary to protect the interests and welfare o the children.

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