Deerfield Beach Florida 12 Year Old Suffers Critical Injuries After Being Shot in the Head


In Deerfield Beach, Florida, the Miami Herald reported that a 12 year old boy suffered critical personal injuries after being shot in the head. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this matter. The incident took place in a neighbor’s house. Detectives are working to determine more details and circumstances regarding the shooting. Issue that may arise on a case of this nature include the following:

Who owned the gun?

Who fired the gun?

What adult supervision was in place at the time of the shooting?

Was the gun stored or usually stored in a secure area away from the reach and access of children?

Who were the witnesses to the shooting?

Was the shooting accidental?

Was there anything that could have been done to prevent the shooting?

Of course, the shooting incident itself is a tragedy regardless of the answers to the above questions. Incidents like this should prompt all gun owners to take immediate action to make sure that a gun is secure and away from the access or reach of a child. Yes, the right to gun ownership is an integral part of our country’s history and constitution; however, with these rights come great responsibilities. You can read more about the above story at 12 Year Old Boy Suffers Injuries After Being Shot at Neighbor’s House.

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