Deaths and Injuries Related to Swimming Pools and Drowning – Real Dangers to Florida Children


Volusia County, Florida, has experienced a number of child deaths related to drowning so far this year. The drownings are typically the result of inadequate and improper adult supervision over the child. It only takes a few seconds for a child to run out of a house and into a backyard pool. It takes only a few more seconds for that child to become unconscious, suffering permanent personal injuries, or die. Below are some little things parents should consider to improve the safety of their home regarding residential swimming pools:

1. Pool alarms. Pool alarms are either an underwater sensor or a floating device that blares when a calm pool is disrupted. Wristband systems are also available; wristbands are attached to a child’s wrist and signal when the child’s wrist goes underwater.
2. Pool covers or nets. These are self-latching gates or child-safe mesh fences, which restrict or prevent a child’s access to the pool area.

Florida has the highest rate of accidental drownings for kids under 4-years-old. Many of those children that survive the initial trauma are hospitalized with severe brain damage. In 2009, 382 people drowned in Florida. Of those victims, 66 were younger than 4-years-old most of those drownings occurring in residential pools. For more read Volusia County, Florida, experiences high rate of child drownings in residential pools.

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