Death of Football Player – Wekiva High School Football Player – Safety Reminders for Coaches, Parents, and Players


The high school football season is now in full force. The Orlando Sentinel reported that a 9th grade football player collapsed during practice and later died at the hospital – Florida Hospital (Apopka). Due the age of the player and the circumstances of this death, an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause and contributing factors to his death. When a football player collapses in Florida and other warm weather States, there is a concern or question whether dehydration, heat exhaustion, or hyperthermia was a cause or contributing factor to the death of the student player. On the day of the incident, the local temperature was in the high 80s (87 – 88). You can read more about this story at Wekiva (Florida) Football Player Collapses at Football Practice – Later Dies.

With football season in play, it is important for all schools and coaches to put the safety and well being of the player over all other concerns like winning. There is a great deal of pressure on coaches and players alike to perform. Yes, jobs and college scholarships are at stake; nevertheless, the overall well being of each and every player is far more important than the advancement of a few or the glory of winning. Coaches should provide scheduled water and rest breaks at practice Furthermore, coaches and trainers should be alert to any signs of fatigue or injury and respond accordingly.

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