Death of 9 Year Old (William B. Coburn) from Baker County ATV Accident – Legal Rights and Responsibilities in Florida


A Florida ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) crash resulted in the death of William B. Coburn, a 9 year old, from Starke (Bradford County), Florida. The driver, Nathaniel D. Ryan, age 26, was driving the ATV on private property according to a Florida Highway Patrol Spokesman. I am completing a case involving a 9 year old who fell off an ATV in North Florida. The facts are strikingly similar to the facts involving William B. Coburn. In handling these legal matters, the following issues should be addressed by the Florida Child Injury Lawyer representing the family of the injured child:

1. Who owned the ATV?

2. Did the child have the permission of his parents to ride as a passenger on the ATV?

3. What was the estimated speed of the ATV? (An accident reconstruction expert may be needed to determine speed and other aspects of the crash.)

4. Was the child wearing a helmet? (I previously posted an article regarding Florida Helmets and ATVs in February 2008.

I grew up riding an ATV on my father’s plant nursery in South Florida. The terrain was flat for the most part and we did not go off the property of the nursery for any serious riding. Even on the flat surface of the nursery grounds, the ATV did flip on occasion due to speed and the design of the ATV.

Liability insurance including homeowner’s insurance covers injuries and deaths related to ATV crashes. Child injury cases can be complex and it is helpful to have the advice, counsel and representation by a Florida child injury lawyer to make sure that the rights of the family and the child are protected and enforced.

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