Deaf Children – IDEA – Rights of Your Deaf Child in the School System


Having a deaf child in the Florida school system can be a wonderful mainstream experience for your child. Then again, it can be most frustrating if the school does not take measures to properly educate the deaf child and provide necessary resources to insure the success of your deaf child in the school system. I reviewed an extensive study and article on the subject of Deaf Children and IDEA (Individuals with Disability Education Act) that was linked at the American Society for Deaf Children Web Site. Parents of deaf children often times arm themselves with education and studies in order to promote and advocate for their child’s educational needs and best interests. Often times, parents need help from a Special Education Attorney ready, willing, and able to enforce of the rights of the deaf child under IDEA and related laws. Addressing the educational needs of a deaf child and other special needs children in a timely, professional and effective manner is paramount to the child’s educational as well as social growth and maturity. It is also the law.