Deadliest Teen Driving Days – Memorial Day to Labor Day


During summer, teens and other children typically enjoy vacation and the freedom of being out of school. Statistics show that this time period (Memorial Day to Labor Day) involves the 100 most deadly days on the roadway for teens. It appears that summer months are the peak months for teen automobile accident deaths and personal injuries. Some experts believe that teen driving is getting worse over time rather than better. This is due, in part, to additional driver distractions in the form of mobile telephone conversations, text messaging, e mailing, and surfing on iphones, Blackberry devices, and other smart or advanced phones. Parents should warn and instruct their children about the dangers of driver distraction, drinking and driving and other driving habits that can and do result in automobile accidents. You can read more about the dangers of teen driving over summer months at Summer Time – Deadliest Time for Teens on the Road.