Daytona Beach, Florida Center for Troubled Teens – Stewart-Marchman Center Under Investigation


Three former employees and possibly others are under investigation for alleged sexual relations with girls who were clients / patients at the Stewart-Marchman Center in Daytona Beach, Florida. This investigation was reported in the Florida Times Union at Center Employees Suspected of Sexual Misconduct. The former employees worked in a facility that supervised these troubled teens. These are serious allegations that need to be investigated and prosecuted if the State Attorney believes that credible evidence supports the allegations.
According to its Web Site, the Stewart-Marchman Center “exists to improve the quality of life of individuals and families affected by substance abuse, addictions, and delinquency by supplying superior prevention, intervention, and treatment services. Stewart-Marchman Center offers these services to all persons, regardless of age, race, financial status, or other criteria at its facilities in various locations in Northeast Florida.” Obviously, the conduct alleged against the three former employees are not in this mission statement in any manner.

Day care centers, schools, after school programs, sport programs, hospitals, and treatment and counseling facilities have a duty to supervise children. Providing a safe and secure environment is paramount to the well being of the child. Sexual conduct and relations with adult employees should not be part of the regimen for any child care program and facility. If a child is injured or harmed at a day care center, after school program, sport program, hospital, or treatment and counseling facility – seek the advice of a Florida child injury lawyer / attorney for advice, guidance, and representation regarding the rights of the injured child.

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