Day Care Center Was Also a Drug House – Shut Down in Jacksonville (Mandarin) Florida


Day Care Centers have a duty to provide children with a safe living environment. A Jacksonville Florida Day Care Center was recently shut down after a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office raid for drugs. Apparently, the Day Care Center’s owner knew that her son was dealing drugs out of the house and did nothing about it. There are all kinds of dangers associated with selling drugs out of a house which would include the danger of a child ingesting the drugs, drug violence, and fires that are common with meth labs. You can read more about this Day Care Center that Police Raid Day Care, Arrest 2 On Drug Charges in Jacksonville, Florida.

Day Care Centers are frequent sites of preventable injuries to children in Florida including fractures, bruises / lacerations, head injuries, and injuries inflicted from other children and day care workers. If your child has suffered an injury at a Day Care Center, it is helpful to have the advice, consultation, and representation from an experienced Florida Child Injury Lawyer / Attorney.

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