Day Care Center Injuries from Resulting from Unsafe Furniture


Children in day care centers and child care centers in Jacksonville Florida and other cities are at risk for personal injury when unsafe or damaged furniture is kept in the classroom and other areas of the facility. Chairs and tables, even ones that are not that heavy, can cause severe injuries to a young child. When possible, furniture should be secured or fastened to walls or the floors. Legs to tables and chairs should be even and firmly in place to prevent tipping and collapse. Children will be children. As such, extra care should be taken to remove or secure furniture that could fall on a child. Day care operators and employees should be diligent to providing a safe environment for the children. If a child has been injured due to unsafe or damaged furniture or the negligence of others, it is helpful to have the advice and counsel of a Jacksonville Florida child personal injury attorney to enforce the rights of the injured child and the parents. I ran across an informative web site called This web site had a good article about day care centers – Choosing a Good Day Care Center. Many injuries and problems can be avoided up front by taking the time to select a good day care center that carefully monitors and controls the environment for children.

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