Day Care Center Death Reported in Bradenton, Florida at Carbone Family Daycare Home


In Florida, it is important for day care center providers to properly supervise children under their care while the child is active during the day and also during nap time. There are dangers and risks to children during the sleeping hours and especially for infants and babies in cribs. In Bradenton, Florida, it was reported that a three year old girl died after being put down for a nap. The child was found unresponsive at Carbone Family Daycare Home. 911 was called and fire rescue was dispatched to the Florida day care center. CPR was performed and the child was transported to Blake Medical Center where the child was pronounced dead.

An autopsy will be performed which will provide investigators more information regarding the cause and preventability of the child’s death. For Florida day care centers, there are various rules and regulations for the care and supervision of children which include regulations during nap time. See Florida Day Care Centers – What Rules / Laws Apply to Supervision During Nap Time?

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