Day Care and Child Care Background Check Requirements in Florida


As parents, we can inspect the Day Care and Child Care facility to make sure that it is a clean and safe learning and child care environment for our children. Typically, a parent does not perform a background check of the employees in contact or supervision of our children. This is the responsibility of the Day Care or Child Care Facility. Pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 402 and Chapter 435, the Day Care and Child Care personnel need to pass a background check. The facility has a duty to submit a form designated by the Department of Children and Families in order to complete the employment background screening. If you have concerns about an employee at a Day Care and Child Care Facility, you can contact the Day Care Facility to insure that the background check has been completed and is in the file, contact the Department of Children and Families, and / or contact a Florida lawyer / attorney and / or private investigator in order to obtain independent information regarding the employee.

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