Daniel Crichton – 2 Year Toddler – Shooting Victim – How Could This Happen?


Daniel Crichton is a 2 year old child who is in critical condition following a robbery and carjacking in Jacksonville, Florida. Tragically, Daniel was shot by police in a hail of bullets aimed at the carjacked vehicle that Daniel, his mother, another child, and the suspect were occupying. It was reported that 42 rounds were shot in the incident. Now, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. The shooting took place on Baymeadows Road. The boys’ family is questioning how the incident took place and if the tragedy could have been avoided. There are a number of questions that come to mind in incidents like this:

What policies and procedures were required for deputy sheriffs responding to the scene?

What efforts were made to resolve or deal with the situation prior to the use of force (i.e. the firing of bullets)?

What contact was made (if any) with the suspect?

What was the suspect’s criminal and psychological history?

What officers responded to the scene?

What was the strategy of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in dealing with the situation?

What agencies other than the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office were involved with the incident?

No matter the conclusion of the investigation or any legal matter connected with the incident – it is tragic that an innocent toddler was so seriously injured. You can read more about this story at Toddler Suffers Serious Personal Injuries Following Robbery / Car Jacking.