What Are the Dangers to Babies / Infants in the Crib or Bed? Deaths of Four Children Reported


In Florida and other states, children are put at risk for personal injuries and deaths from automobile accidents, playground accidents, and, yes, even from sleeping. Many parents and child care providers do not realize that babies and infants are put at risk for serious personal injuries and deaths from unsafe sleeping practices. The act of “co-sleeping” can be very dangerous for a child. Co-sleeping refers to the situation when an adult sleeps in the same bed or a couch with an infant or child. The problem is that the adult can roll over and crush or suffocate the child. Injuries and deaths can also occur if the surface of the bed or couch has soft pillows or blankets that suffocate the child as well. A child can also be injured or even die if the child is not positioned correctly for sleep in a crib, bed, or other location. A child should not be placed on his or her stomach as this can lead to personal injuries to the child.

Child safety advocates, pediatricians, and the Florida Department of Children and Families recommend certain safety precautions regarding the sleeping practices and supervision of chldren.

Children Should Sleep Alone. Safety advocates advise against the practice of co-sleeping. It does not matter that it may be a family tradition or seem somewhat natural. The act of co-sleeping can and does harm children.

Keep the Child’s Bedding Clutter Free. Pillows, stuffed animals, toys, and blankets should be removed from the child’s sleeping area.

Sleeping Location. The best location for a child to sleep is in a crib. Alternatively,during the day, a preferred location may be an approved child carrier or child seat. A couch and regular bed are dangerous sleeping locations for children.

Sleeping Position. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, the safest sleep position for a child involves placing the baby / infant on his or her back.

For more information, see Tragic Sleeping Related Deaths Can be Prevented in Florida.

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