Dangers to Children – Falls from Balconies and High Places


A 4-year-old boy fell from his 17th-floor balcony in Miami. Miraculously, the child survived with no apparent broken bones. According to authorities and witnesses, the boy was probably saved by a palm tree. After falling from the balcony, the child likely bounced off of the crown of the palm tree and safely landed onto a dirt surface on the 10th floor; about a 70-80 ft. fall. The boy fell off the balcony in pursuit of a balloon after he opened the apartment’s sliding glass door. While the child’s 23-year-old mother was in the bathroom, she left the child under supervision of his grandfather, who was in kitchen during the accident.

It is imperative that parents and adult supervisors keep a watchful eye over their children. Children do not appreciate the dangers of their surroundings and it is an adult’s duty to keep them from physical harm. Adults can protect children from wandering off and injury by providing supervision, keeping doors and windows locked, and child-proofing the house.

When a child is injured as a result of a fall, legal issues also present themselves. What safety precautions were in place? What safety precautions should have been in place? Was the building or facility properly maintained? Was the incident foreseeable or preventable? Were there any building code violations or other laws violated with respect to the building or the facility? If you believe that your child was injured a result of the neglect or negligent conduct of others, contact a Florida child injury lawyer for advise and consultation regarding the applicable laws and the proper handling of an insurance claim or lawsuit as applicable and warranted by the facts of the situation.

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