Dangers to Child Pedestrians – Two Sisters Hit in Orlando Florida Near University of Central Florida


In Florida, there is a tremendous amount of traffic in our larger cities like Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Miami. The simple act of crossing a street can have deadly consequences. The Orlando Sentinel reported that two pedestrians were recently hit when crossing across Alafaya near the University of Central Florida. The pedestrians were noted be be sisters who were 11 years old and 17 years old. The 11 year old died at the scene of the incident. The 17 year old was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. You can read more about this sad incident at Sisters Hit While Crossing the Street in Orlando Florida.

At all times practical and possible, drivers should yield to pedestrians. Of course, at times, a driver cannot avoid hitting a pedestrian if the pedestrian carelessly crosses a busy street. Florida is a comparative law State. In other words, fault can be apportioned between parties in determining an award of damages. In a civil case, the accident report and details about traffic citations or lack of traffic citations for the accident in question are inadmissible. This allows for the Judge and / or Jury to make a determination of liability rather than law enforcement.

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