Dangers of Unsecured Televisions to Children – Important Safety Advice for Parents, Schools, and Day Care Center Owners


A Three year old child suffered multiple skull fractures when an unsecured television fell on his head. The Las Vegas, Nevada child used the drawers of a dresser as a ladder to climb on top of a piece of furniture. The child was attempting to fix the picture on the television he was watching. The weight of the child toppled the television, causing it to hit him in the head. The surgeons at University Medical Center in Las Vegas used 100 metal screws to put Tyler Adams skull back together. The injured child had been battling cancer when this accident happened.

According to the Journal of Pediatrics, injuries resulting from unsecured furniture are on the rise. Several professional believe that the increase in injuries may be due to larger flat screen televisions. Flat screen televisions tend to have small bases that make them easier to topple over. When child proofing your home remember to secure heavy furniture to the wall. Make sure that televisions are properly anchored to furniture. There are several inexpensive products available on the market to help you anchor your television either to the wall or your furniture. For more information see, Dangers of Unsecured Televisions to Children- Important Safety Advice For Parents, Schools, and Day Care Center

It is important for parents, school teachers, and day care operators to secure televisions and other common furniture and items. A television is a common item in many homes, schools, and day care centers. It is clear that a television which is not anchored or properly secured can be a very dangerous item in the home, school, or day care center.

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