Dangers of Toys in Cars – Florida Highway Patrol Reports that Toy Got Under Brake and Caused Crash


In Florida and other states, it is common for children to bring their toys into cars. Toys give the children something to do and occupy their time while riding in cars. Unfortunately, loose toys can be dangerous if they come near a brake, accelerator, or steering wheel of a vehicle. Some toys can also block vision of the driver. In Orange County, Florida, Robert Reyes was driving on Lake Underhill Road with his two children as passengers. As he was driving a toy rolled under his brake which, in turn prevented Mr. Reyes from being able to stop his vehicle. Thereafter, Mr. Reyes crashed into the gas vents of a local 7-11 convenience store. While the crash may have been unexpected and unpredictable, news reports state that Mr. Reyes was driving on a suspended license for being a habitual traffic offender. You can read more about this story at Rolling Toy in Car Causes Automobile Accident