Dangers of the Road Involve Running Stop Signs and Failing to Wear Seat Belts – Two Die in Crash with Lynx (Orlando, Florida) City Bus


In Orlando, Florida, two men died when a car driven by Alester Martinez ran a stop sign and crashed into a Lynx (Orlando, Florida) Bus. Mr. Martinez was injured in the accident but survived. His two passengers, who were not wearing seat belts, died as a result of the crash. Two of the bus passengers were also injured.

Stop Signs serve a basic but very important function of directing traffic and giving one street the right of way. It is the duty of every driver to stop at a stop sign, look carefully for traffic, and only proceed when traffic is clear and safe to do so. Careful driving and obeying traffic signs and signals can help avoid many automobile accidents and trucking accidents which result in thousands of injuries and deaths every year on Florida roads. Mr. Martinez ignored these basic rules of the road by running the stop sign. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol, and / or other police agencies will conduct a homicide investigation to determine the cause of the crash. See Crash with Orlando, Florida Bus Results in Two Deaths.