Dangers of Texting While Driving – Disney Bans Texting While Driving –


Disney is the largest employer in the Central Florida area. As part of its entertainment empire, Disney owns and operates many vehicles in and around the Orlando area. Recently, Disney enacted a rule for its employees – “No Texting While Drivng.” While this is not a Florida law on the books, Disney is taking a good step towards better safety by putting this rule in place. Texting While Driving is plain dangerous and absolutely leads to driver distraction which, in turn, leads to serious automobile accidents, bus accidents, and van accidents. Many serious personal injuries and accidents can be avoided by eliminating driver distraction at all times possible. Texting While Driving is a smart move for Disney and any other company that is thinking about the safety of the passengers, other drivers on the road, bicyclist, and pedestrians. You can read more about this story at
>Disney Bans Employees from Texting While Drivin